Let’s get physical! Exercise is the best medicine


Through a wide variety of fitness programs we can design the right workout program that perfectly suits your needs. Classes are conducted online or in person, in personal or small groups. This way we can better design the plan that suits you, to reach our goals and keep the level of service high.


The Pilates system is always a great way to start exercising. The slow conscious movements combined with breathing help to better understand the exercises, control and awareness of the body. There is a wide variety of exercises, either using your own body weight or small equipment such as tires, balls, dumbbells, rings, sticks, etc. And if it sounds easy to you... there is a saying that "if it's easy, it's not Pilates".


Functional training is a system of training, which aims to strengthen the functional movements that our body needs in order to cope with its daily functions (weight lifting, stairs, balance, transition from sitting to standing position, placing an object at the upper level of the head, etc.). It also activates the cardiorespiratory system and the degree of difficulty varies according to the level of the athlete. The training is performed both with body weight and with dumbbells, kettlebells, tires, balance surfaces, plyometric boxes, etc.


Circuit training is a program with short or medium duration exercise stations of varying intensity depending on the training goal. For example, if the goal is strengthening and muscle hypertrophy or if the goal is to improve the cardiorespiratory system and burn fat. In the latter case we are talking about high-intensity interval training/HIIT. Each cycle can include from 4 to 10-12 exercises and can be repeated from 2 to 5 times. The number of exercises and cycles varies depending on the level of the athlete. Equipment or body weight alone may be used.


Cross training is a combined training program that includes both aerobic and anaerobic exercises in the same workout. The degree of difficulty varies depending on the level of the trainee. It is suitable for beginners to advanced athletes. It is an ideal workout for improving metabolism, as it combines intensity with duration and multi-joint exercises, which are exercises that use more than one joint to perform.