The hips move the feet

Afro and Latin related? Are they one genre or two different ones? How did they manage to spread around the world? What is it that makes Latin music so popular? For all of these questions, which you ask me from time to time, there will be more extensive answers in the articles section, but let's get a taste.

All genres of Latin music and dance have their roots in Africa. This phenomenon can be found in the colonial era, where Spaniards and Portuguese transported slaves from the west coast of Africa to South America. With the passing of the centuries and the mixing of tribes and peoples, various musical genres were created (guaracha, guaguanco, danzon, mambo, son cubano, bolero son, merengue, samba etc). After the independence of the respective countries and about a century later, in the second half of the 20th century, many Latinos emigrated to New York and that is where Salsa was born and began to spread all over the world. Salsa and Bachata - the most famous dance from St. Dominic - are the two most widespread Latin dances and are the pillar of social dancing at Latin parties.

To this family was added the Kizomba, a partnership dance from the African former Portuguese colonies. The word Kizomba, in the Angolan dialect Kimbundu, means party and as a rhythm it has many variations in terms of speed and style of music. Kizomba began to be danced among friends and family members and later took on a more sensual character. What makes Kizomba stand out is the embracing position the couple has as they dance, experiencing a unique connection and relaxation.

So when we refer to Afro-Latin, we have as our axis these three dances, (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba) and by extension several others that come to frame the whole.

It is advisable to start learning all three dances, as each one complements the other in points, and then choose if you want to focus on one more.

❖ Salsa makes us sweat and makes the mind work very quickly!!
❖ Bachata brings out a sensuality and playfulness in us!
❖ Kizomba grounds us and connects us!

They all lift us psychologically and respond to different emotions and needs.

Are you still thinking about it? Start now!!!