Let’s get physical! Exercise is the best medicine

After the physical therapies and the acute phase of the injury, it is necessary to reactivate, strengthen and regain the range of motion of the injured area. Injury rehabilitation without exercise does not exist and is not considered complete. Rehabilitation programs target the musculoskeletal as well as the nervous system of the trainee for a comprehensive treatment.


Clinical Pilates is not different in its essence from the simple Pilates method, but it differs in its approach. It is performed only in one or two-person groups and the instructor must have knowledge of biomechanical human movement. It is aimed at people who need rehabilitation after injury, people with autoimmune diseases (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis) and generally people with movement limitations and conditions that reduce joint range of motion-ROM (e.g. frozen shoulder syndrome). Exercises of orthosomy, balance, flexibility and strengthening are performed without or with the help of small fitness equipment (balls, tires, foam rollers, etc.)


Myofascial Yoga is a practice that combines the use of myofascial release equipment and Yoga Asanas in order to restore peritoneal deformity and improve flexibility and range of motion of the joints. Starting with breathing and warm-up techniques we move on to self-massage using foam rollers and massage balls targeting the more superficial trigger points (pain trigger points) in order to improve blood flow and relaxation. Then, and after the body has raised the temperature and increased blood and lymph flow, we move on to performing stretching Yoga exercises to enhance the effects of the massage and improve muscle length and therefore range of motion and joint health.