Show must go on!!

The spectacular aspect of dance has always been a reality. A person is exposed when he dances. One presents a part of their soul and self to the world who is watching. Whether in improvisational form or rehearsed the dance performance is first an exhibition of emotions and then of steps. A dance performance can serve several purposes besides spectacle. For example, a performance of traditional dance, Greek or otherwise, serves, among other things, to preserve a centuries-old tradition of a people. This phenomenon became more pronounced after the bourgeois revolution and the creation of dance clubs. This is the so-called folklore.

Of course, evolution is a feature of human civilization and dance performances could not be unaffected. Thus, dance competitions and festivals were created, where the level is high and spectacular.

My experience in competitive dance and performances helped me to get to know my body and its potential better. It taught me the discipline and the good results it can bring on stage and in life in general and finally, the courage of exposure and the propelling and transformative power of critique.

Dance is a representation of life and many times we will be called upon to perform and rise to the occasion. So let us rehearse…