Dance therapy

Therapy through movement

Can dance heal?

Scientific research proves that yes!

By definition: "Dance is the organization of expressive movement", we define that movement plays a primary role in expression. When movements have the purpose of healing - even if these movements are taken from dance, even if they are accompanied by music - then they clearly belong to kinesitherapy. (Dance therapy with primitive expression, France Schott-Billmann, 1995).

Observing my students over the years, especially those who did Kizomba, I began to see their why. What they were dancing for. And what I discovered was revealing and gave new meaning to my work. Most people, and I'm talking about adults of course, came to dance because they felt better psychologically. It helped them to fight negative emotions, to reduce their anxiety, to get rid of loneliness.

This observation combined with the coronavirus pandemic led me in 2020, to create a system of dance therapy that I called EcstAfro Dance Therapy©. EcstAfro is a system that combines various dance therapy techniques with the practice of primitive expression as the main focus. The class is accompanied by live African percussion as well as recorded music. Participants work in units, pairs and groups. We experience different emotions, cry, laugh, share. We get in touch with the power of our voice. We awaken our inner child. We embrace!

We experience a very serious process without taking ourselves too seriously!