To keep your balance, you must keep moving


Anna Vardaxoglou deals with movement and the healing of the human body. Being an athlete herself since the age of five, she loved movement and its benefits and graduated from the Kapodistrian University of Athens as a teacher of physical education and dance. After ten years of teaching and as she always had a holistic approach to the human body, she took up dance therapy and therapeutic massage. Now, she provides a comprehensive and multi-dimensional service to care for and improve the most sophisticated machine... our body.

Therapeutic massage

Our body records everything! All our experiences, our traumas and the moments when we felt safe and warm. Throughout the centuries it has been proven many times that touch heals, “works wonders”. Many nations in the world have developed healing massage techniques that have passed through time and reached into the present day.  Everybody has different needs and that is why healing is a living constantly evolving process. With their experience, the therapist adapts their knowledge to the receiver, who is called upon to heal each time.



Our body is a machine that if it doesn’t move, it rusts. Fitness is our physical service. The variety is wide and the choices are many. Exercise, to be effective, must first nourish the spirit of the exerciser. That’s why the perfect kind of exercise is one that, when performed, is fun and energizing. Together we will find what is most effective for you and fits your personality.

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Dance has always served certain functions in human societies. It has had a ritual, social, spectacular and therapeutic character. The harmonization of movement with music opens energy channels in the body and helps the brain to secrete hormones responsible for the feeling of well-being. The dance interaction with the group creates a sense of belonging and sharing, important values for the well-being of human existence. Bring dance into your life and watch it change…

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Discover the healing of body and spirit through movement

If you need help or advice on which movement therapy is right for you, please don't hesitate to contact me to have a chat and find the best possible solution with individual or combined packages.


Contact me to find the best combination of training, classes and treatments for you. You may be interested in one or more of the services. I'm here to help you discover the movement style that's right for you.

P.S. Dance therapy classes and participation in festivals or parties will be announced on social media.


Discounted quarterly packages of 8 - 10 sessions for therapeutic types:


  • Deep Tissue
  • Thai - Osteothai


Online or in person
Individuals or small groups of 2-4 people

Discounted monthly packages:
  • 12-16 workouts per month
  • 8 workouts per month


Online or in person
Salsa - Bachata - Kizomba
Individually or in small groups of 2-4 people
Discounted monthly packages:
  • 4 lessons per month
  • 8 lessons per month