I declare myself a professional assistant!

I am here to help you move as you deserve. Because movement is life, health and joy and the world needs happy people.

I have been fortunate enough to make my love of movement my study and profession. Sport and dance led me to the School of Physical Education and Sports Science of Athens, specializing in Greek Traditional Dance. Along with the University, I started my career in Latin American and European dances, counting now 15 years of teaching experience.

I love to make people entertained and feel good about themselves. By observing my students and looking for the "why" that made them engage in an activity, I discovered the healing power of movement. Through movement I help the individual get in touch with the best version of themselves and improve their level of life physically, mentally and socially. This realization changed my approach and led me to place more emphasis on the therapeutic connotations of movement. As a result, I turned to dance therapy and created a system that combines a variety of dance therapy practices, EcstAfro Dance Therapy.

My holistic interest in human nature also led me to therapeutic massage. I have always been fascinated by human anatomy and the secrets it holds. The healing power of the human touch combined with scientific knowledge is undeniable.

The body hurts and communicates our reality to us. No pain is separate from the whole. This is how I approach the world that comes to me. I see the person behind the injury. We are all different and yet so much the same. Our needs, fears and desires are consistent in creating the motivation we need to continue to evolve through life's journey. So that we can keep moving!

That, in a nutshell, is my path and the movement of the human body is my object. Let's find together a way to enhance the quality of your life!